Horsepower to help horses for healing:
Audi Al Nabooda pledges support to Al Marmoom Initiative

Audi Al Nabooda have pledged their continued support for the Al Marmoom Initiative by providing logistical support to the centre.

The Al Marmoom Intitiative aims to help children and adults with Special needs by providing equestrian education, where students can learn to ride, drive and work on the ground with horses. Through these activities, particpants can begin to improve balance, increase muscle strength, learn horse and stable management and above all else increase their confidence and independence.

The logistical support is not only required for the day to day running of the centre, but also enables Al Marmoom to take the horses into schools, to reach children who would otherwise not be able to benefit from the Initiatives’ programme.

Speaking about the partnership, Ali Al Nabooda, General Manager at Audi Al Nabooda commented: “We are thrilled to be able to offer our support to Al Marmoom Initiative for their therapeutic riding program. The work that is put in by the team at Al Marmoom is astounding and to be able to support them with their important work means a lot to us.”

The Al Marmoom Initiative stables currently eight horses and ponies, ranging from Zorro, the American Miniture Horse, to Lennie, a gentle giant Clydesdale.

The Initaitve relies on volunteers who all receive training in working with horses and offer a ‘Pay-back scheme’ which involves Horsemanship and riding lessons for volunteers.

To find out more about Al Marmoom Initiative, please visit