Extended Warranty from Audi Middle East

  • Audi Manufacturer Extended Warranty package now available for all Audi vehicles within their 36 month warranty period
  • Five year warranty program supported directly by Audi AG is now offered in the Middle East region
  • 100% Manufacturer International Warranty offers complete trust and reliability, provided by Audi, for Audi
Dubai, May 5, 2019 - Audi Middle East are launching a new dimension to their existing Audi Extended Warranty Program. From January 2018 Audi customers were able to extend their 3-year manufacturer warranty by another 2 years or 150,000 km (whichever is reached sooner) during the new vehicle purchase process. Now Audi Middle East offers the extension option any time during the 3 years. This manufacturer supported warranty can be applied to all vehicles within the 36 month warranty period to offer customers complete peace of mind of ownership.

The 100% manufacturer Extended Warranty can be offered to all Audi Approved :plus customers and Audi Service customers at all Audi dealerships in the Middle East. For the first time, Audi owners who are about end their new car 3-year warranty period, can now enjoy fully comprehensive protection against many unforeseeable repair costs for up to two additional years and a maximum of 150,000 km.
Speaking about this new manufacturer warranty program in the Middle East, Carsten Bender, Managing Director Audi Middle East said “Audi has always offered advanced technology, progressive design, outstanding quality and top service. Our new Audi Extended Warranty program systematically extends the standard three-year manufacturer’s warranty for all models to give our customers complete peace of mind for 5 years of ownership.”