The Exquisite Bond of Diamonds and Carbon Fiber : Audi Sport by C6

A collection of luxury jewellery and accessories handmade and designed in Denmark, composed of carbon fiber and diamonds is the result of a brand cooperation between Audi and C6. To celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan, the exclusive Audi Sport collection is now available to purchase in the Middle East at a special price with 5% VAT included.

C6 is an awarded Danish luxury jewelry concept developed by designer Anne Cohen. It builds on the idea of combining different forms of the carbon element - C6 - by bonding carbon fiber and diamonds. No other materials are added in this process – the stones are instead placed directly into the carbon fiber using advanced craftsmanship techniques.

Audi Sport and the red rhombus stand for ultimate performance, progressiveness and passion in motorsports. Carbon fiber is one of the most effective materials employed in the production of high-performance cars due to its lightweight and tensile strength properties. C6 by Anne Cohen was selected by the brand with the Four Rings to design a collection that innovatively combines carbon fiber and diamonds in uniquely captivating pieces for Audi Sport. The design lines of the jewelry are inspired by the interior of the new Audi R8.

Audi Sport by C6 contains six different items including rings, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks and key chains. The collection can be seen and purchased at The Audi Boutique in the Al Nabooda Service Centre in Al Quoz.

In a conversation with Anne Cohen the founder and designer of C6 about her exclusive jewelry line, she described what makes this range so innovative and relevant to Audi Sport.

What makes the design of C6 unique?
It’s an original concept that is handmade using advanced craftsmanship. There is no additional material that holds the diamond in the carbon fiber. The result is a pure carbon ring. No one has been able to combine the two opposite forms together in that way before.

What inspired you to create C6?
It all started with a passion for the ocean. I went on a journey across the Atlantic on a 60-feet Vende Globe racing boat. The actual construction of the boat is where I became familiar with carbon fiber. Holding a piece of black carbon fiber in one hand and a bright diamond in the other, knowing that they originate from the same basic element sparked a deep sense of wonder within me. It is simple yet complex. I wanted to create a design that reflects the philosophy of life. I wanted a design that is timeless, a piece that is an evolution from carbon in supernova explosions to carbon in our modern day technologies.

The C6 pieces are quite light, is it durable?
Carbon fiber is 5 times lighter than steel but twice as strong. As a material, to be that light yet that strong is fascinating. Carbon fiber has high stiffness and tensile strength yet it is low in weight. It has high resistance to chemicals, pressure and heat. The fascinating properties of carbon fiber made it very popular in aerospace and motorsports, in addition to other competitive sports. This is what also makes it very unique and stylish.